Klaus von Haeften


Dr. Klaus von Haeften was born in 1967 in Memmingen, Germany. He received his PhD in 1999 from the Faculty ...

Serim Ilday


Bio: Serim Ilday is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology & National Nanotechnology Research Center ...

Lauri Halonen


Lauri Halonen obtained his PhD in 1980 with Ian Mills in the University of Reading, UK. He has worked altogether ...

Michael Gatchell


Michael Gatchell is a researcher at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University. Starting his research career in observational astronomy, ...

Cristina Puzzarini


Cristina Puzzarini is a Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bologna and Head of the ROT&Comp lab (established ...

María Pilar De Lara-Castells


María Pilar de Lara-Castells is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Fundamental Physics of the Spanish National Research Council (IFF-CSIC), ...

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