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2205, 2023

Webcontent (WC) Coordinator and Co-Coordinator

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Webcontent (WC) Coordinator and Co-Coordinator CLOSED

The web-content coordinator & co-coordinator would have the specific task of serving as an intermediate between COSY participants and the website creator.
They will help the Science Communication coordinator & co-coordinator in boosting the communication …

1204, 2023

Young research co-coordinator (YRC)

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co-YRC coordinator position CLOSED

Young research co-coordinator (YRC): who will help the YRC coordinator in ensuring that young researchers are well integrated within the Action, actively participating in all the events. Additionally, the co-YRC will promote the organization of specific …

503, 2023

PHYMOL recruitement

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Dear PHYMOL supervisors, co-supervisors, mentors, and friends,

As you know, our PHYMOL project has started and the doctoral candidates we are going to hire should start their research no later than September 1, 2023 (they can start earlier). You could also …

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