Virtual Mobility Grants

Virtual Mobility consists of a collaboration in a virtual setting among researchers or innovators within the COST Action, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, etc. Virtual Mobility Grantee develops capacity in virtual collaboration and networking in a pan-European framework.

Examples of activities that can be performed by the Virtual Mobility Grantee are:

  • Virtual mentoring scheme, with special focus on activities and exchanges that can generate capacity building and new skills, particularly for Young Researchers and Innovators, g. managerial skills, methodological skills, communication skills, etc.
  • To support the harmonisation and standardisation of methods and procedures within the Action networking activities, g. setting up surveys, coordinating the discussions to create common protocols to be used by the network afterwards, preparing questionnaires and response scales, etc.
  • To support the implementation of research coordination related activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence, g. computational or modelling activities, data analysis of the Action for a specific report or activity, etc.

Application procedure. To apply for a Virtual Mobility Grant within COSY, please go through the following procedure:

Step 1 – Contact the Grant Awarding Coordinator, Dr. Marina Šekutor () to inquire about the availability of funding.

Step 2 – If funding is available, login to the on-line registration tool to register the request for a Virtual Mobility Grant ( You may need to register and to upload your CV as well as other documents, including Virtual Mobility Grant Application (based on e-COST template).

Step 3 – The application is assessed by the Grant Awarding Coordinator.

Step 4 – The Grant Awarding Coordinator seeks approval regarding her decision from the Virtual Mobility Grant Review Committee (RC). The RC consists of the Grant Awarding Coordinator (Dr. Marina Šekutor), Dr. Miroslav Medved, Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos, Dr. Anna Kaczmarek-Kędziera and the appropriate WG leader.

Step 5 – Cost Office Acceptance Letter (Grant Letter)

If the application is successful, the Grant Holder (GH) sends an Acceptance letter to the Applicant, in which the Applicant is informed about the approval of the Virtual Mobility Grant and the level of financial support awarded.

After the Virtual Mobility

Within 4 weeks after the Virtual Mobility, the Grantee is required to submit the report on e-COST using the Report template on the work developed, main outcomes and achieved outputs of the Virtual Mobility, and description of the future follow up collaboration.

After approval of the report by the Grant Awarding Coordinator and the RC, the Grant Holder will transfer the outstanding amount of the grant.

For further details please contact the Grant Awarding Coordinator (Dr. Marina Šekutor: ). You may also consult the official guide at