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Guidelines for Short Term

Guidelines for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) in the COSY action

The aim of STSMs in COSY is to promote the exchange of knowledge, and to support the Action’s scientific objectives. STSMs allow scientists, especially Young Researchers and Innovators (YRIs, up to 40 years of age), to visit an active research group in another country in order to foster collaboration, share knowledge, learn a new technique, and undertake research of common interest.

The minimum period for an STSM is 1 week (5 working days). Financial requests are expected to be limited up to 400 EUR for travel expenses (justified exceptions will be considered). The daily subsistence rate should be up to 185 EUR per day, depending on the host country (see below for a list of recommended daily rates). The maximum duration is not limited; however, both the start and end dates of an STSM have to fall into the same Grant Period (the current GP is 1/11/2023 – 31/10/2024). The amount granted is usually capped at 1800 EUR to allow a sufficiently large number of STSMs. In exceptional cases, an amount up to 4000EUR may be possible. Please note that grants are paid by the Grant Holder after the completion of the activity and approval of the final report. Applicants from an Inclusiveness Targeted Countries (ITC) can request a pre-payment of 50% of the total grant.

Applications may be submitted throughout the year, and will be reviewed at the end of the month in which they are received; the process should be started in such a way that the review will take place at least eight weeks before the STSM is supposed to start. The decision will be sent to the applicant at least four weeks before the STSM starts.

An important criterium on which the evaluation of the application will depend is the compatibility of the objectives of the planned STSM with the objectives of COSY itself as well as with the goals of the working groups (WG) in the running Grant Period, as published at the website. Applicants should mention in their application, as well as in the final report both the (main) WG to which their STSM belongs, as well as the scientific objectives their STSM is supposed to address; for ease of reference, the objectives of COSY and the WGs for the current Grant period (1st Nov. 2023 – 31st Oct. 2024) can be found at the link

In the case of several applicants of comparable qualification, preference will be given to members of ITC countries, young researchers (YRIs) and female researchers.

Application procedure. To apply for a STSM grant within COSY, please go through the following procedure:

Step 1 – Contact the STSM coordinator (Dr. Heribert Reis: ) with a CC to the Grant Awarding Coordinator, Dr. Marina Šekutor () to inquire about the availability of funding.

Step 2 – If funding is available, login to the on-line registration tool to register the request for an STSM ( You may need to register and to upload your CV.

Information required on the on-line registration form:

  • The Action number (CA21101);
  • The title of the planned STSM;
  • Start and end date (both inside the active Grant Period);
  • Budget requested for travel and subsistence;
  • Bank details;
  • Information about the host institution and contact person;
  • Upload the application form (template available on the site), which describes the goals, work plan, expected outcomes, contributions to the objectives of the COSY action;
  • Letter of acceptance by the host institution.

Step 3 – The application is assessed by the Grant Holding Coordinator and the STSM coordinator.

Step 4 – The STSM coordinator seeks approval regarding his decision from the STSM review committee (RC). The RC consists of the STSM coordinator (Dr. Heribert Reis), Dr. Miroslav Medved (Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia and Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic), Dr. Aggelos Avramopoulos (University of Lamia, Greece), Dr. Anna Kaczmarek-Kędziera (University of Torun, Poland) and the appropriate WG leader.

Step 5 – Cost Office Acceptance Letter (Grant Letter)

If the application is successful, the Grant Holder (GH) sends an Acceptance letter to the Applicant, in which the Applicant is informed about the approval of the STSM and the level of financial support awarded.

After the STSM

Within 4 weeks after the completion of the STSM, the grantee is required to submit to the host institution, and, through the online e-cost service, the Grant Awarding Coordinator a scientific report about the purpose, main achievements, future plans and any foreseen publications of the STSM (up to three pages), as well as a confirmation of successful completion of the STSM by the Host. After approval by the STSM coordinator and the STSM RC of the final report the Grant Holder will transfer the outstanding amount of the grant.

The grantee must acknowledge support received from COSY in all publications resulting from the STSM. Any publications are strongly encouraged to be Open Access, for example in ‘Open Research Europe’, for which the publication costs can be covered by COST.

For further details please contact the STSM coordinator (Dr. Heribert Reis: ). You may also consult the official guide at 

Recommended daily allowance rates for the calculation of travel grants for STSMs.

Country Daily rate / Euros
Albania 90
Austria 135
Belgium 180
Bosnia and Herzegovina 130
Bulgaria 110
Croatia 110
Cyprus 145
Czech republic 110
Denmark 160
Estonia 115
Finland 155
France 130
Georgia 110
Germany 170
Greece 120
Hungary 110
Iceland 155
Ireland 165
Israel 130
Italy 140
Latvia 110
Lithuania 95
Luxemburg 150
Malta 120
Moldova 90
Montenegro 95
Netherlands 165
Norway 175
Poland 125
Portugal 130
Romania 100
Serbia 110
Slovakia 105
Slovenia 100
Spain 115
Sweden 135
Switzerland 160
Republic of North Macedonia 110
Turkey 110
United Kingdom 185
Any other country 185
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