Cristina Puzzarini is a Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Bologna and Head of the ROT&Comp lab (established in 2017) at the Dept of Chemistry ‘‘Giacomo Ciamician’’. Her research activity spans from computational chemistry and spectroscopy to experimental rotational spectroscopy. She masters expertise in experimental spectroscopy and quantum chemistry, but above all she advocates their interplay. Her main research interest is astrochemistry, focusing on spectroscopic studies in support of astronomical observations and investigation of interstellar chemistry and chemical evolution. She has published about 280 papers [H-index = 41 (SCOPUS), 47 (Google Scholar)], with 80 papers in the last five years and also including five review articles. She has given nearly 120 presentations at scientific meetings: only 15 at national conferences, the remaining lectures at international meetings. In the last five years, nearly all presentations have been given upon invitation.


Three papers

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