Klaus von Haeften


Dr. Klaus von Haeften was born in 1967 in Memmingen, Germany. He received his PhD in 1999 from the Faculty ...

Marcel Mudrich


I am an experimental physicist specialized in ultrafast XUV spectroscopy of gasphase clusters and nanoparticles, in particular helium nanodroplets. I ...

Marina Šekutor


was born in 1986 in Zagreb, Croatia, received her PhD in 2013 from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb ...

Michael Gatchell


Michael Gatchell is a researcher at the Department of Physics at Stockholm University. Starting his research career in observational astronomy, ...

María Pilar De Lara-Castells


María Pilar de Lara-Castells is Senior Researcher at the Institute of Fundamental Physics of the Spanish National Research Council (IFF-CSIC), ...

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