was born in 1986 in Zagreb, Croatia, received her PhD in 2013 from the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb and has been doing research at the Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb since 2008. In 2015 she was awarded with the Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers, in 2016 she obtained a permanent position of research associate at the Ruđer Bošković Institute and in 2022 a position of senior research associate, also at the Institute. Her research interests include synthesis and characterization of diamondoid derivatives that are promising building blocks in the design of new materials, computational analysis of their properties, supramolecular chemistry of diamondoids, analysis of molecular clusters formed by self-assembly of cage organic compounds in helium nanodroplets, etc. More details can be found at https://www.irb.hr/eng/About-RBI/People/Marina-Sekutor.

Within the CA21101 – CONFINED MOLECULAR SYSTEMS: FROM A NEW GENERATION OF MATERIALS TO THE STARS (COSY) she holds a Grant Awarding Coordinator position and is also primarily active in WG4: Helium Nanodroplets in Science and Engineering, contributing to the area of computational characterization of self-assembled molecular cluster in helium nanodroplets.

Selected papers:

  1. J. Alić, R. Messner, F. Lackner, W. E. Ernst, M. Šekutor, London dispersion dominating diamantane packing in helium nanodroplets, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2021, 23, 21833–21839.
  2. D. Ebeling, M. Šekutor, M. Stiefermann, J. Tschakert, J. E. P. Dahl, R. M. K. Carlson, A. Schirmeisen, P. R. Schreiner, Assigning the absolute configuration of single aliphatic molecules by visual inspection, Nat. Commun. 2018, 9, 2420.
  3. L. Cao, M. Šekutor, P. Y. Zavalij, K. Mlinarić-Majerski, R. Glaser, L. Isaacs, Cucurbit[7]uril•Guest Pair with an Attomolar Dissociation Constant, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 988‒993.
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