🎉 Celebrating One Year of Milestones with COST Action CA21101 “COSY”! 🎂

As we mark the first anniversary of COST Action CA21101, “COSY” (COnfined Molecular SYstems: from the new generation of materials to the stars), we’re excited to look back at a year of remarkable achievements. But first, let’s delve into what COSY COST Action truly stands for.

“COSY” is the acronym of “COnfined Molecular SYstems: from the new generation of materials to the stars.” It represents a dynamic COST Action, with COST being an acronym for “European Cooperation in Science and Technology.” At its core, COSY serves as a collaborative platform that unites research groups from across Europe, each with nationally funded projects focusing on confined molecular systems.

The primary mission of COST Action “COSY” is to lay the foundation, both computationally and experimentally, for a profound understanding of confined molecular systems, enabling us to harness control over them. This action has successfully brought together a diverse community, with over 270 participants hailing from 45 countries, including 32 COST Full or Cooperating Members Countries of the European Union.

The COSY platform operates through the synergy of five closely aligned working groups, each with distinct objectives:

  1. First-Principles Interaction: Achieving a first-principles description of the interaction between molecules and their environments, including the enigmatic interstellar medium.
  2. Molecular Dynamics: Delving into the dynamics of molecules within confined structures to unlock new possibilities in nanoscience.
  3. Synthesis of Novel Materials: Pursuing the synthesis of new materials with applications in theranostics, energy conversion, and photocatalysis.
  4. Characterization of Molecules Confined within Helium Nanodroplets: Enhancing our undesrtanding of the low-temperature physics and
    chemistry of molecules confined within helium nanodroplets.
  5. Astrochemistry Insights: Gaining insights into the chemistry occurring in the vastness of space, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

As we commemorate this inaugural anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the passionate researchers, experts, and collaborators who have driven COSY’s success. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge in the realm of confined molecular systems, from creating groundbreaking materials to exploring the chemistry of the stars.

We have just celebrated the 1st aniversary by launching our 1st audio podcast where we explain all about the control of confined molecular systems.

Listen to the first episode here 🎧 (transcript also available).

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