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First General Meeting of the COST Action CA21101 – COSY: Confined Molecular Systems: From a New Generation of Materials to the Stars.


Universidad de Cádiz (Cádiz , Spain) March 1-3 2023

We cordially invite members of the COST Action CA21101 (“COSY”), as well as all interested parties, to Cádiz, for the First General Meeting of our COST Action. It will be dedicated to a better understanding and recognition of issues relevant to the experimental and theoretical characterization of confined molecular systems, from those relevant in new materials research, to those playing a key role in astrochemistry. It is an opportunity for active networking between Action members with complementary and highly diverse expertise in confined molecular systems. This first COSY General Meeting is intended to be a forum for detailed discussions. It will thus provide an opportunity for the members of the Action’s five Working Groups (WGs) to undertake activities that will address the goals of the 1st Grant Period of the COST Action. For this purpose, the meeting will host dedicated sessions for the five WGs. In addition to invited talks of 25 minutes by COSY members from all WGs, the participants will be also invited to present hot topic posters preceded by 2-minutes flash presentations which will be held after the first scientific session.

The meeting will be organized by the Universidad de Cádiz (Cádiz, Spain) and CSIC (Madrid, Spain). It will start on Wednesday, the 1st of March in the morning and end on Friday, the 3rd of March before lunch.

The meeting will serve as a platform to connect the five Working Groups (WGs) of COSY: (WG1: red, WG2: brown; WG3: violet; WG4 blue; WG5: green).


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