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A dedicated satellite meeting will be organized as a follow-up of the Cluster-Surface Interaction-2024 (CSI-2024) conference to be held in Benried, rather than Tutzing and near Munich, Germany in 7-9 April 2024:  https://www.e-conversion.de/csi-2024. The CSI conference series is well-established, has been running since 2010, and its meetings are focused on the general topic of deriving fundamental and applied knowledge on the interaction between metal or metal oxide clusters and their deposition support. Various aspects of clusters deposited on surfaces are typically considered, with a particular focus on growth, dynamics, electronic structure, and applications, addressing both experimental and theoretical modelling aspects. Cluster deposition on supports represents an important form of confinement, with implications in various fields, including heterogeneous catalysis, sensing, etc. The COSY Action and in particular its WG3 has many members working in closely related fields. It is therefore natural to network and connect with CSI, as a scientific community that shares common interests and perspectives. We therefore decided to join forces with CSI by organizing a satellite meeting of the CSI-2024 conference. Leading experts from the COSY network will be invited to deliver a talk at this satellite, but participation is open to all COSY members.
Our goals in organizing this satellite symposium are:
1. To spread knowledge about the research conducted by COSY within the scientifically related CSI community,
2. To trigger collaborations between CSI and COSY researchers. This will translate into specific tangible outcomes:
(i) minutes of the discussion table between COSY and CSI members to be held at the symposium;
(ii) common publications and presentation at conference to be promoted by this meeting involving COSY and CSI members;
3. Selected slides of the meeting shared via the COSY Action Web site.

A number of members from the COST Action are confirmed speakers of the CSI conference (in alphabetical order):

  1. Francesca Baletto, University of Milan
  2. Alessandro Fortunelli, CNR-ICCOM
  3. Sandra Gómez, University of Salamanca
  4. Elisa Jimenez-Izal, University of the Basque Country
  5.  M. Arturo López-Quintela, University of Santiago de Compostela
  6. Konstantin Neyman, Universitat de Barcelona
  7. Joanna Olszowka, J. Heyrovsky Institute
  8.  Richard Palmer, Swansea University
  9. Stefan Vajda, J. Heyrovsky Institute

If you want to register for the satellite CSI meeting, please use the registration form at the CSI-2024 website itself, indicating that either you will attend the whole CSI-2024 meeting, or only the last day (10th April) when the COST Action ‘Satellite’ CSI meeting will take place.

Wednesday April 10th

CSI2024/WG3-COSY-COST action satellite meeting

Hour Name Title
09:00-09:45 M. Arturo López-Quintela, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) Metal clusters of small atomicity as a versatile tool in catalysis
09:45-10:30 Maciej Rogala, University of Lodz (Poland) Defect Migration Behind Resistive Switching at Metal Oxides Surfaces
10:30-11:00 coffee
11:00-11:30 Sandra Gómez, University of Salamanca (Spain) Time evolution of PAHs and molecular crystals upon light irradiation
11:30-12:00  Junjie Shi, TU-Wien (Austria) Direct Conversion of Methane to Methanol on Metal Clusters Functionalized Ceria Surfaces: Metal–Support Interactions
12:00-12:30 Lenard Carrol, IFF-CSIC, Madrid (Spain) TBA
12:30-14:00 lunch
14:00-14:15 hot topic talk: Giacomo Melani, CNR-ICCOM (Italy) The effect of solvation on the properties of pristine and defective oxide interfaces for solar water splitting
14:15-16:00 CSI/COSY Round Table:

Francesca Baletto, University of Milano (Italy)

Joanna Olszowka, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

Richard Palmer, University of Swansea (Wales)

Alessandro Fortunelli, CNR-ICCOM (Italy)

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