Dear PHYMOL supervisors, co-supervisors, mentors, and friends,

As you know, our PHYMOL project has started and the doctoral candidates we are going to hire should start their research no later than September 1, 2023 (they can start earlier). You could also check on our PHYMOL website that the first application deadline for the
doctoral candidates is March 1, 2023, let’s say only a month away. The first decisions by the Recruitement Board I’m chairing about the
doctoral candidates will preferably be made by March 15 (information about the RcB is given at the end of the letter). There are already 68 applicants for the eleven DC positions, thanks to efforts of Piotr, Alston, and Berta. However, there is geographical imbalance, for example, there are no Europeans among the applicants. I’d like to solicit your help to improve the situation. Let me suggest a few ways how we all can help our network finding the best possible candidates
(please make the ad not only for your own project but also for the whole network, on the website the candidates can select which projects they are interested in), as the success of the network really depends on them:

  1. If there is a national mailing list, please send the information to members of that list.
  2. Please send the PHYMOL flyer attached to colleagues and especially to friends all around the globe and ask them to advertize PHYMOL locally (this may be harder for some) and nationwide (should be easier).
  3. Please use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to send the information about the DC positions around.
  4. EURAXESS is a good place to advertize the positions and the more of us does it the better the chances are that we reach possible outstanding candidates and that they would apply.
  5. If you have any other ideas how to spread the word about PHYMOL around, please let the others know about it.

I’d also like to note that (a) doctoral candidates can come from anywhere, seemingly there are no restrictions about this (if there were, we’ll find them by March), (b) if we (here I basically mean the supervisor) do not find appropriate candidates in early March for a DC position, the advertisement campaign will continue until we fill all the positions, and (c) please let me and Agata know if you have any queries about the recruitement procedure.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation, which should help the whole network,

The Recruitment Board (RcB) is a short-term board that will be formed to oversee and implement the recruitment of the DCs. The RcB will comprise of all project PIs (including the CO). The RcB will ensure that the recruitment process adheres to the policy described in sec. 3.1.4. The RcB will be responsible for setting up the requirements for each DC position, the placement of the advertisements, reviewing of CVs, and other issues related to the process. In particular, the RcB will ensure that the process is open and transparent, and that equal opportunities and gender and minority balance are respected. The RcB will meet at the beginning of the project and then via video-conference when necessary until recruitment of the DCs is completed (month 7 is the target set out below in the recruitment.

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