Title: Nanoscopic jets and filaments of superfluid 4He at zero temperature: A DFT study

Authors: Francesco Ancilotto, Manuel Barranco, and Martí Pi

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0143399

Date: 04/13/2023

Working Group: 4

Grant Period: 1

Grant Period Goal (number): 5

Covered deliverables from the MoU (number): 4.1

Countries involved: Spain and Italy

Number of female/young/ITC coauthors: 0

Abstract: The instability of a cryogenic 4He jet exiting through a small nozzle into vacuum leads to the formation of4He drops, which are considered ideal matrices for spectroscopic studies of embedded atoms and molecules. Here, we present a He-density functional theory (DFT) description of droplet formation resulting from jet breaking and contraction of superfluid4He filaments. Whereas the fragmentation of long jets closely follows the predictions of linear theory for in viscid fluids, leading to droplet trains interspersed with smaller satellite droplets, the contraction of filaments with an aspect ratio larger than a threshold value leads to the nucleation of vortex rings, which hinder their breakup into droplets


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