Title: Bright continuously tunable vacuum ultraviolet source for ultrafast spectroscopy

Authors: Lucie Jurkovičová, Ltaief Ben Ltaief, Andreas Hult Roos, Ondřej Hort, Ondřej Finke, Martin Albrecht, Ziaul Hoque, Eva Klimešová, Akgash Sundaralingam, Roman Antipenkov, Annika Grenfell, Alexandr Špaček, Wojciech Szuba, Maria Krikunova, Marcel Mudrich, Jaroslav Nejdl, and Jakob Andreasson

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1038/s42005-023-01513-5

Date: 01/11/2024

Working Group: WG4

Grant Period: 1st GP 2022-2023

Grant Period Goal (number): GPG2, GOG4

Covered deliverables from the MoU (number): 4.2.2

Countries involved:Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany

Number of female/young/ITC coauthors: 6

Abstract: Ultrafast electron dynamics drive phenomena such as photochemical reactions, catalysis, and light harvesting. To capture such dynamics in real-time, femtosecond to attosecond light sources are extensively used. However, an exact match between the excitation photon energy and a characteristic resonance is crucial. High-harmonic generation sources are advantageous in terms of pulse duration but limited in spectral tunability in the vacuum ultraviolet range. Here, we present a monochromatic femtosecond source continuously tunable around 21 eV photon energy utilizing the second harmonic of an optical parametric chirped pulse amplification laser system to drive high-harmonic generation. The unique tunability of the source is verified in an experiment probing the interatomic Coulombic decay in doped He nanodroplets across the He absorption bands. Moreover, we achieved intensities sufficient for driving collective processes in multiply excited helium nanodroplets, which have been previously observed only at free electron lasers


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