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This transversal workshop’s main focus is on addressing challenges related to the characterization and understanding of subnanometric transition metal and metal-oxide catalysts and photo-catalysts. The workshop will leverage the strategic position of the “COSY” network in the synthesis of atomically precise metal clusters in various environments (gas-phase, solution, and within helium nanodroplets), their characterization via. e.g., transmission electron microscopy, state-of-the-art density functional theory-based modelling, and the highest level of ab initio theory and molecular dynamics.

The workshop will specifically focus on challenging topics with significant social-economic impact such as the design of photo-catalysts for water purification, with an emphasis on their viable production as well as the sunlight-induced decomposition of greenhouse gases (e.g., CO2) using transition metal and metal oxide clusters.

The workshop underscores the need to combine advanced computational tools with experimental synthesis and characterization techniques to address  the challenges effectively, achieving at the same time a deeper molecular-level understanding of the underlying mechanisms. This  includes ab initio descriptions of excited states and cluster-support interactions.

The workshop will also consider unsupported metal and metal-oxide clusters as model systems. Specific topics include understanding fluxional behavior, its relationship with Jahn-Teller and pseudo-Jahn-Teller distortions, the occurrence of non-adiabatic effects when the clusters are interacting with environmental molecules, multi-reference and many-body dispersion effects in cluster-support and cluster-cluster interactions, photo-induced activation and reactivity, and vibrational spectroscopy.

The workshop will be hosted at the CSIC Central Campus in Madrid. The program will include about ten invited lectures and ten invited hot topic presentations delivered by young researchers of the COST Action. Accommodation to every participant is suggested at the nearby CSIC-Residence. We encourage the youngest researchers to present posters and deliver short flash poster presentations. It is also possible just to attend the meeting without delivering a presentation, contributing to the discussion. More details will be provided soon.

If you are a COSY member, being interested on attending the meeting,
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The meeting will take place in the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Central Campus. The Central Building of the CSIC Central Campus (see picture) is located at Serrano 117.

CSIC Central Campus is located in one of the most important and commercial streets of Madrid (Serrano), in the Embassies’ quarter, not far from the downtown, ten minutes walking from the Paseo de la Castellana, 30 minutes by Metro from Puerta del Sol (downtown centre) and half an hour by taxi from Madrid-Barajas airport. CSIC Central campus can be conveniently reached by Subway Line 6 (GRAY LINE), “Republica Argentina” station (exit “Joaquín Costa, pares), as depicted in the map below.

City bus (EMT) lines # 16, 19, and 51 and N1 (night service) pass by the CSIC Central Campus. Information about current fares and time tables can be obtained in the EMT web page (in Spanish). Briefly,

Bus 16: Moncloa – Avenida de Pío XII

Bus 19: Plaza de Cataluña – Plaza de Legazpi

Bus 51: Puerta del Sol – Plaza del Perú

Bus N1 (night service): Plaza de la Cibeles – Sanchinarro

From the airport:

Madrid-Barajas airport has four terminals. As described in the homepage of the airport, all terminals are conveniently connected to the Metro Subway Line 8 (PINK LINE), which ends up in “Nuevos Ministerios”, 10 min. walk from the CSIC Central Campus (see the map below). You can download the Map of the Subway Network in pdf format here.

Several bus lines run from the Madrid-Barajas airport to downtown Madrid (click here). For example, you can use the EMT Airport Express Service 24h to/from “Plaza de Cilbeles”.

Taxis are also available at Madrid-Barajas airport (about half an hour to CSIC Central Campus and a fixed rate of 30 euros).


Because it is located at the CSIC Central Campus, where the conference will be held, a (limited) number of rooms has  been reserved in the Residencia de Estudiantes


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